About Trainer
I was fortunate enough to begin my career training dogs over 14 years ago. I've taught in corporate settings where I hand selected individuals to be trainers and certified them myself.  I also managed the entire central Texas area in dog training for that corporation for over six years.

I have trained service dogs for all types of special needs individuals.  It was so rewarding working with the recipients and seeing pieces of their independence given back to them with the help of their new furry companion.  We taught anything from service behaviors like opening doors or taking the person's shirt off to hearing behaviors such as alerting the person when someone knocked on the door or the phone rang.  

Upon adopting my blue lacy "Sam" in 2002 and rehabilitating him through his intense aggressive behavior I gained a true infatuation with socially disfunctional dogs.

It was then I started helping under socialized and aggressive dogs learn or relearn how to communicate their feelings appropriately.

I opened Texas Paws Dog Training, L.L.C. so I could dedicate myself full-time to working with dogs and teaching them basic manners, tricks or work on severe aggression issues.

I am also work with a vairiety of other animals including cats.  I've taught both house and wild cats for obedience, trick and behavioral  training with the same success as dogs.

I am a nationally accredited professional dog trainer and continue educating myself on the most advanced training techniques.  I attend national seminars and conferences held all over the globe taught by world renouned behaviorists and biologists.

I now work with a number of vet clinics all over the Panhandle area along with a variety of major pet stores and doggy daycares to provide assistence to those who need help with their confused and upset pups!

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
Ann Landers

Practicing "Accepting a strange dog" part of CGC test with Love-a-Bull class student at Southpaws Playschool.