Kheli has been working with me to rehabilitate my male standard poodle, Rocky.   Rocky came to us about three months ago as a rescue dog from Lubbock Animal Services.  He was shy, fearful, hyperactive, and worst of all, he left puddles of submissive urination on the floor when he bolted away from anything “scary”!  I had trained several dogs in the past and had successfully adopted rescue dogs that turned out to be loving, calm well-trained pets.  So, I thought I had this “training thing” down pat.  But that was before I adopted Rocky!!  I quickly realized he was beyond my skill set.
That’s when I contacted Kheli at Texas Paws Dog Training.  She came to my home to meet Rocky and me.  When she left an hour and  half later, I was armed with a clicker and a clearly prescribed program of exercises to do with Rocky to help de-fuse his fear response to people, and exercises to help him become a socialized, trusting dog.  Rocky and I have made wonderful progress and we are excited each time we meet with Kheli to see what comes next.  We’re having fun, and as a bonus, Rocky and I have bonded and we are each other’s best friend!
I would recommend without reservation Kheli’s Texas Paws Dog Training.  Kheli is professional and is well versed in the latest learning theory regarding animals.  She is also intuitive and compassionate.  She has my highest recommendation.
-Cindy B.

Kheli helped turn our rambunctious puppy Sam into a wonderful family pet and playmate for Evan.  She was able to quickly teach Sam new commands, and also worked with each of us on how to continue his training.  I use a wheelchair, and Kheli’s expertise in training service dogs was also invaluable in helping me to be able to manage Sam on my own and take him on walks.

-Phil, Kimberly and Evan

"Kheli has been a big help in teaching us how to train and manage our own dogs and fosters. She does a great job of communicating with people as well as dogs—her instructions are thorough and make sense, especially with the more challenging behavior issues. She’s rescued us several times, and taught us all to have fun in the process. Awesome job, Kheli, thanks!" 
-Cheryl, Bear, Jolie and True

“Kheli helped me train two of my dogs - Shetland Sheepdogs - going from the basic obedience work through advanced and CGC on one dog and advanced obedience on the second dog. My first dog, Zorro is a registered therapy dog. He certified before he was 18-months old. Zorro is a very calm, well mannered, confident dog - we volunteer as a therapy dog team at the Austin State Hospital, in hospice situations and with Alzheimer's patients. I credit Kheli's experienced hand in helping me guide Zorro to this level of training. My second dog, Guerra (now Phoebe) came to me as an abused rescue Sheltie. She was absolutely petrified of everything. Guerra and I trained in two of Khelis classes - basic and then advanced obedience. With this training, Guerra gained the confidence she needed to successfully move into her forever home where she is deeply loved as Phoebe. Kheli is a true expert in the training of dogs of all ages - and people, too. She focuses on shaping the behavior of the dogs and owners with strong positive reinforcement. She's fun to work with - and absolutely dedicated to her profession. The dogs seem to love her! Thank you Kheli!”
-Susan Kimmel-Lines
My little blue Lacy Maggie came to us as a one year old tail tucked,  overly submissive, passive aggressive toward men and didn't know how to play. On top of that I was grieving the recent loss of  my dog Sadie and it was very difficult having a new dog.  Not only did Kheli teach us how to train Maggie on the basics, sit, down,stay, and place, but she gave us invaluable bonding games. These were just as important for me, if not more, than they were for Maggie. They helped me heal (Ha ha!) and come to love Maggie. Kheli didn't just train Maggie, she taught me how to train her.  

    With Maggie we have surpassed the basics to include spin, roll, scoot on the floor and touch. She can close the cabinet doors, slide the in lower rack of the
dish washer and close the dish washer door. Wait wait there is more! She'll pull off one sleeve of my fleece, then the other sleeve and gives it to me. Then pulls my scarf off. Next she'll pull off and give me one shoe off at a time, then one sock at a time. Then she brings me my slippers. She tops it all off  by bringing me the remote! She absolutely loves learning and doing all these things. My only problem is coming up with new things to do.  My financial investment has be invaluable and has paid back multifold! 
Barbara Jo Stetzelberger 
"When we got our lab, Cooper, we knew he would grow to be a big boy, and we wanted him to be well-behaved so he could go everywhere with us.  We tried out a couple of trainers, but once we met Kheli, things started looking up!  Kheli's group classes were great because she kept me motivated and made training a lot of fun for both me and my dog.  We have taken several classes with Kheli, including a trick class where Cooper learned how to close doors and cabinets.  Thanks to Kheli, I can't count the number of times I've heard our friends say "I wish my dog was that behaved!"
-Veronica and Cooper

Stormy Seas loves clicker training! She has learned to sit, pose, target (touch  the target with her nose), lay down and heel on leash.  She is smart, focused, quick to learn and eager to please.    Thank you Kheli for all your help with her!
-Paul and Sandra Winberg