Training Methods
I believe in using your dog's brain and patient, positive energy to teach them new behaviors.  I want to show you how to build a long lasting, trusting relationship with your furry friend that works out for both of  you.

I am an experienced clicker trainer utitizing positive reinforcement techniques combined with consequences to teach new behaviors and get rid of unwanted behaviors.

I discuss pack mentality, exercise schedule and daily feeding routine with you to establish your life with your pup.  

Next, we establish your likes and dislikes to create our agenda and goals!

Together we can teach your dog not to jump on people, pull on leash, rush through doorways and much more!

I can help you teach your dog to do stupid dog tricks like play dead, lick their lips on command and even yawn if you ask them if they're sleepy. 

Or maybe you want to teach them to help you with things around the house, for example, picking up their toys and put them in their box....getting their leash for you....or even closing the door behind them.

I have trained dog for service, hearing and balance capabilities and can teach them ANYTHING you think up.  Want your dog to pull your socks off when you get home? Let's do it!!
I love to work with dogs displaying socialization issues 
with people or other dogs
.  I also have some cutting edge techniques for rehabilitating dogs who have social anxiety stemming from a traumatic experience or seemingly no reason at all.

You and I will discuss your dog's behavior and formulate a training plan that works for both of us. 

Every dog is different. Depending on the behavior, some techniques could unintentionally reinforce a behavior you are trying to get rid of.  Also, you could be punishing your dog for responding to a cue when YOU think you are rewarding it.  For example,  while at the dog park, you ask your dog to "come" and when they happily trot over, you put their leash on and they have to leave their friends and lose their freedom! 

My goal is to seek out a technique that you are comfortable with and will be consistent at. 
  • After giving clicker training a well deserved try...and for whatever reason it doesn't work out for you, we will not use it. 
  • If non-invasive methods are not working because your dog is very bold and we have explored all other options, we will try something more aversive that we are both comfortable with. 
Summary of Services:
  • Private in home/on location lessons ($55/hr for a limited time. $5/hr discount given for purchasing 4 or more sessions at once.) 
    • Social rehabilitation
    • Basic manners
    • Service behaviors
    • Tricks
  • New pup shelter evaluations and introductions  
  • Dog Parties    
  • One-on-One outings:  
    • "Out to play": if your pup needs to go play and has some basic training I can pick them up for $30/hr to exerise
    • "Structured Play":  I can pick-up your pup to train them and exercise them for my normal training fee of $55/hr.

    Please email me for more information or for a behavior analysis.  

Kheli     806-236-8788